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Hey, I'm Yassine Bridi šŸ‘‹

Iā€™m a developer who also designs, with a keen interest in web and mobile technology.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others adopt the technologies Iā€™m passionate about. I do this by blogging about my work and developing open-source projects.


I'm usually focused on:

  • šŸŽ›ļø Designing user interfaces with a strong focus on user experience
  • šŸŒ Developing full-stack websites that scale

In my work, I value:

  • ā±ļø Efficiency
  • šŸŽÆ Consistency
  • ā™»ļø Reusability
  • āš™ļø Scalability
  • šŸ¤– Automation
  • šŸ’  Modular Design


What I'm good at

  • React/React Native - UI LibraryReact/React Native - UI Library
  • Node.js - JavaScript RuntimeNode.js - JavaScript Runtime
  • GraphQL - A query language for your APIGraphQL - A query language for your API
  • TypeScript - Typed Superset of JavaScriptTypeScript - Typed Superset of JavaScript
  • Next.js - React FrameworkNext.js - React Framework
  • NestJS - A progressive Node.js frameworkNestJS - A progressive Node.js framework
  • Strapi - Open source Node.js Headless CMSStrapi - Open source Node.js Headless CMS
  • Tailwind CSS - A utility-first CSS frameworkTailwind CSS - A utility-first CSS framework
  • Golang - The Go Programming LanguageGolang - The Go Programming Language
  • PostgreSQL - The world's most advanced open source databasePostgreSQL - The world's most advanced open source database
  • Prisma - Next-generation ORM for Node.js and TypeScriptPrisma - Next-generation ORM for Node.js and TypeScript
  • Figma - Interface designFigma - Interface design
  • AWS - Amazon Web Services Global InfrastructureAWS - Amazon Web Services Global Infrastructure
  • Cloudflare - Workers/Pages/StreamCloudflare - Workers/Pages/Stream


What I offer

  • Full Stack Development
    Full Stack DevelopmentI can help you converting your idea into a reality, using modern but well-tested technologies.
  • UX/UI Design
    UX/UI DesignGood-looking but pragmatic user interfaces, with an emphasis on user experience.
  • SEO Strategy
    SEO StrategyKeyword research to identify top opportunities and integrate targeted tactics into your product.
  • Maintenance & Tweaking
    Maintenance & TweakingFilling your recent developers' shoes, by fixing bugs, and adding new functionality.
  • Performance optimizations
    Performance optimizationsAnalyzing the performance of your applications and identifying ways to improve them.
  • Automation
    AutomationAutomate tedious tasks in your project, to help you focus on growing your business.


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    Omar Ibnoussina
    Omar IbnoussinaClient

    Yassine is one of the most skilled developers I know, striking the right balance between being pragmatic and delivering high-quality code. This helped us to move forward quickly with our products

    Oussama Mlahfi
    Oussama MlahfiClient

    Yassine is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is he one of the most skilled developers I've ever collaborated with, but he's one of the nicest people too

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